Best Looking Distros

Out of all the Linux distros out there, a few really stand out for their appearances. These Linux distros put an emphasis on looks and user friendliness. Here are a few:

Elementary OS


Elementary OS is often praised as the most beautiful desktop around. It is automatically set up to look and act like a Mac, and has a strong focus on keeping it simple. However, it does not come with the Gnome Software Center, but rather it’s own. Unfortunately, this Software Center is rather limited compared to its’ Gnome counterpart. However, it offers an even more similar experience to Apple’s Appstore, thus keeping it simple and easy for new users migrating from a Mac.

While not as customizable as many other Linux distros, it has a much more beautiful setup by default. As with most Linux distros, they can be made to look however the user sees fit. However, Elementary OS is one of the few that aims to satisfy it’s users as far as looks go, without any changes. Due to this, you can have a gorgeous desktop without doing anything!



Deepin is rapidly growing in popularity in the Linux world due to it’s attractive interface. It has stunning visual effects and features a settings bar on the side of the desktop. This settings bar replaces the traditional application for customizing your settings, but also offers a fresh look and style into the Operating System. As for the taskbar, it can be made to look and act either like a Mac or a Windows machine with one click. Simply right cllick on the taskbar and select Properties and then pick either Fashion Mode for a Mac look or Efficient Mode for a Windows look.

While many distros use tools already out there and available, Deepin does not utilize mny of them. Instead, its’ developers create their own applications to go along with their distro. A few examples of this are Deepin Movie, Deepin Screenshot, and Deepin File Manager. This way, your experience is guaranteed to have a uniformed feel to it.

Zorin OS


Zorin OS is a distro that targets new users. It aims to be as simple as possible for any user, but especially those coming from Windows. It comes with great software pre-installed, but not too much to become overly bloated. It features the Gnome Software Center, which has many similarities to Apple’s Appstore. Thus, any software you need is only a click away, and new software can be easily discovered just by opening up the Software Center. The home page includes a featured app every day, allowing you to discover new  programs easily.

In addition, it has an amazing app to change the look and feel of your desktop. With just one click, you can choose to make it look like your Windows machine, a Mac (although this option still looks Windows-esque) or the default Gnome setup.

Lastly, it comes in several useful flavors, or variations, to choose from. You can pick Zorin OS core, which is free and comes with everything you will need, Zorin OS Ultimate, which comes with additional pre-installed content and professional support (although there is a catch – this option costs €19), and Zorin OS Lite, which is custom built for older computers that cannot handle Windows or Macs anymore.

Cub Linux

cub linux2

Cub Linux is a fashionable distro that looks and acts like a Chromebook, but not only offers all the features of one, but also the features of a normal Linux distro. This is because underneath, it is really Ubuntu! Thus, you will be able to install your favorite Linux programs in addition to your Chromebook ones. Everything in this distro looks and acts exactly like you would expect a Chromebook to, so no new surprises will await you. All this, and you won’t even have to worry about Google tracking you!

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