Best Lightweight Distros

Have an old computer that can’t run Windows or Macs anymore? Just looking for a new burst of speed? Then these distros are for you.



Linux Lite is a distro which caters to those with old hardware. It can revive almost any computer, even ones that still run Windows XP. Like Elementary OS, it offers it’s own Software Center called Lite Software. Also like Elementary OS, this Software Center does not offer as many available programs as the Gnome Software Center. However, in contrast to Elementary OS, if one cannot find a desired program in the default software center, another option is available. The Synaptic Package Manager is another software Center (although a simple one that appears to be outdated graphically) which gives you access to any software available in the Gnome Software Center, and sometimes more.

This distro also focuses on the security of it’s users. It features a special application called Lite Updates Notify which gives you complete control over when you wish to update your software, in order to continue to keep you as secure as possible. It even allows you to determine when (or even if) you wish to see update notices!


cub linux2

Cub Linux is a fashionable distro that looks and acts like a Chromebook, but not only offers all the features of one, but also the features of a normal Linux distro. This is because underneath, it is really Ubuntu! Thus, you will be able to install your favorite Linux programs in addition to your Chromebook ones. Everything in this distro looks and acts exactly like you would expect a Chromebook to, so no new surprises will await you. All this, and you won’t even have to worry about Google tracking you!

In addition, it is extremely lightweight, offering a quick and responsive system. Not only is it responsice, but it is also a polished looking distro as well.

Peppermint OS

peppermint os

Peppermint OS is a lightweight distro that integrates the Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail, etc.) into the distro by default. As it uses services from the cloud, it remains extremely light, and thus fast. In addition to providing cloud services, it includes a handy tool to add your own, called ICE. ICE provides easy desktop integration with webapps for your system. If you just open ICE up, decide on the name of your application, and then paste the link to it, you will be all set!

Furthermore, since this distro is based on Ubuntu, you will not only have access to the Gnome Software Center (although you will have to install it manually) but also the Synaptic Package Manager, which is mentioned above under Linux Lite. It will give you access to any software available in the Gnome Software Center, and sometimes more. Thus, you will not have to worry about a lack of software.

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