Best Distros For Chromebook Users

Want to try Linux but looking for something familiar? If you are a Chromebook user who fits this description, then this article is just for you! However, my guess is that most of you here are equally familiar with a Mac or Windows machine also. So why make an article about Linux alternatives for Chromebooks? Simply because some people wish to put a Linux distro on their Chromebook. And why shouldn’t they? This will in the end make their Chromebook more usable since with Linux on it, they would have access to programs outside of the Chrome Store. They could even install the same things that other Linux users do! So with that said, here we go.


cub linux2

Cub Linux is a fashionable distro that looks and acts like a Chromebook, but not only offers all the features of one, but also the features of a normal Linux distro. This is because underneath, it is really Ubuntu! Thus, you will be able to install your favorite Linux programs in addition to your Chromebook ones. Everything in this distro looks and acts exactly like you would expect a Chromebook to, so no new surprises will await you. All this, and you won’t even have to worry about Google tracking you!

Gallium OS

gallium os2

Gallium OS is a distro that is specifically meant as a replacement for Chrome OS (what Chromebooks come with). This distro may not act just like your old Chromebook, but it is designed to be just as fast and not take up too much room on your computer so that you can be left free to install whatever you wish to. Rather than acting like a Chromebook, this distro shows it’s roots more obviously, that it is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu. Being based on Ubuntu, it enables you to install your favorite Linux programs in addition to your Chromebook ones.



For this one you will want to use the Minimal ISO for the simple reason that it’s a little smaller in size. Next, when running the installer, make sure to either select XFCE or LXDE as your Desktop Environment because these two DE’s are known for being light on system resources, something that you will want for a Chromebook. While this is not based on Ubuntu, it is based on Arch Linux. It will give you an easy rolling release distro to use, in addition to many packages available in their software center, Pamac. More software in fact, than Ubuntu has.


For Those Looking For A Chrome OS Clone:

Cub Linux

For Those Looking For A Distro Tailored With Chromebooks Specifically In Mind:

Gallium OS

For Those Looking For A Linux Alternative That Happens To Be Rolling:



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