Best Gaming Distros

Want to use Linux but feel a need for games? While it is true thatthere are more games available for Windows, there are special Linux distros that have attempted to bridge that barrier. With these distros, Steam is guaranteed to work out of the box and so will Wine, a programs that allows you to run many Windows programs (including games) on Linux. So here we go!

Steam OS

steam os

Steam OS is, well, the name kind of says it all. It is a Linux distro that has been specifically tailored for exemplary performance with Steam. While by default only Steam is available and not a traditional desktop, if Desktop Mode is enabled, then you will get your familiar desktop back. After that, it is easy to install anything you are used to in  a Linux distro. Using this distro, you can be guaranteed that Steam games will work for you out of the box.


retro gaming

Lakka is a Linus distro that targets those who wish to play retro games on Linux. This distro allows you to turn your computer into a retro gaming console through the power of Linux. However, it does not have any actual Desktop Environment and can only be used for retro gaming. Due to a lack of a DE, this Linux distro is extremely small. So small in fact, that it can be run on just about anything, including a Raspberry Pie.

Game Drift Linux

games on linux

Game Drift Linux is a distro that strives to make Windows games available to play on Linux. Through this distro, thousands of Windows games easily become available to install and play. However, there is a catch: one element used to make this work, called Crossover, costs a little over $50.00 a year. If you would rather go the cheap way (I mean, who wouldn’t) it is still possible to play and install from a selection of 2,500 games. The price tag just comes in f you want an even wider selection.


For Those That Want To Play Games On Steam:

Steam OS

For Those Who Want To Play Retro Style Games:


For Those Who Want To Play Windows Games:

Game Drift Linux


In addition, if you wish to play games on Linux but not install a specific distro to do so, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Install Wine and PlayonLinux from your Software Center.
  2. Install Steam from your Software Center
  3. Use the Game Drift Linux distro’s Game store online without installing their distro.
  4. Use the Portable Linux Games website to download and then install games.
  5. Purchase games from
  6. Look for games on the Chrome Web Store.
  7. Simply search in your Software Center.

Good luck and have fun!

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