Do you not care for your current taskbar? Well, you’re in luck! With Linux, options abound! The two most popular taskbar replacements are Plank and Docky. They are very similar, but most users prefer one over the other.



Plank is the more popular docks out of the two. It is flat and holds many similarities to docks on a Mac. In addition, it is highly configurable. just by right clicking on the dock and choosing Preferences, you can get into settings and change many of it’s features. For more themes for Plank, simply visit the Gnome Store.



While Docky is not quite as popular as Plank anymore, it has remained another good choice for docks. It can be flat or 3D as in the picture above, and is very simple. While having it flat is an option, this dock really excels at it’s 3D setting, while Plank does not. When using Docky, there is an icon of it on the left hand corner. By clicking this, various settings are available, such as themes. For more themes for Docky, simply visit the Gnome Store.


For Those Who Prefer The Current Flat Mac Dock:


For Those Who Prefer An Older 3D Mac Dock:





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