Video Players



VLC is a full featured opensource media player for Linux. It can play any format of disc imaginable and can even be used for recording! While it’s aesthetics leave some to be desired, it is certainly the most capable video player around. Whether you just want to watch a movie or do something more involved, VLC is the media player for you.



Want to play something but don’t have a disc to do so? Wish to stream something online? Then Kodi is the media center for you. With hundreds of plugins to expand it’s capabilities, the sky is the limit. Kodi not only looks modern, but acts like it too. However, with so many options, Kodi can have a rather steep learning curve for the new user. If you can overcome this though, then you will be left with the most versatile media player you could ever wish for.

Gnome Videos


Gnome Videos is a simple media player that will get the job done. It does not feature any fancy features or anything like that, but is perfect for you if you are just trying to watch a video. For simply watching something from a disc, this is the media player for you.


For Those Who Are Not Looking For Any Fancy Features:

Gnome Videos

For Those Who Are Looking For Some Fancy Features:


For Those Who Are Looking For Really Fancy Features (And Internet Capabilities):



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