Cloud Storage

Want to back up your data online? Or just looking to free up space on your computer? Then this is article is just for you!



pCloud offers free storage and integration with your computer. All with 10 GB of free storage! Furthermore, if you spread the news about pCloud on your social networks, you can unlock up to 20 GB of free space in all! In addition, it offers an encryption service for all of your files to further ensure they are kept safe in the cloud. However, there is a catch to this. The encryption service requires a Premium account, which costs $3.99 per month. If you decide to go with Premium, then you will get a vastly enlarged amount of available storage. Up to 500 GB in fact! If you are looking for an easy way to safely store your files, then pCloud is for you.




Mega is another service that offers free storage and integration with your computer. Instead of only receiving 10 GB of free space like pCloud does, all users are offered 50 GB of free space! In addition, Mega offers free encryption services without the need to upgrade to get them! Thus, it is a free way to get encryption services and available storage. However, unlike pCloud, you cannot expand your storage simply by fulfilling tasks like spreading the news about it on your social networks. If you put a high priority on security and just want a lot of available space, then Mega is for you!



Dropbox is by far one of the most used cloud storage utilities. It is the last in our list of services that offer free storage and integration with your computer for Linux. While Dropbox will only give you 2 GB of free space to start off with, (a far cry from pCloud and Mega) it does offer availability across platforms. Not only is Dropbox available for Linux, it is also available for Android, Apple, and Windows products. By using Dropbox, you will be able to sync and access your files on any device you have! This means that you can sync your music on your computer to your playlists on your mobile device. If you are someone who is looking for something that offers integration across all of your devices, then Dropbox is for you!


If You Are Just Looking For An Easy Way To Safely Store Your Files:


If You Put A High Priority On Security And Just Want A Lot Of Available Space:


If You Are Looking For Something That Offers Free Integration Across All Of Your Devices:




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