Want a fresh system for years to come? Want to get as much life out of your computer as you can before spending money on another? Then this is just for you.



Bleachbit is a very effective method of keeping your computer fast and uncluttered for years to come. Just check whatever options you would like to clean, and it will do the rest. However, it is important to open this as Root. Otherwise, t will not have the necessary privileges to carry out it’s purpose. To do this, simply go into your menu and instead of just opening up Bleachbit, open up Bleachbit As Administrator.  After this, just get a cup of coffee and you should be good to go!



Timeshift is an essential application for anyone. With this, you can back up your entire Operating System with just a few clicks! Simply install it, open it up, and go through the steps:

  1. For most users, when choosing Type, RSYNC is the one for you.timeshift2
  2. In the next step, Location, simply pick whatever choice has the largest size. This will most likely be the one you are looking for.timeshift3
  3. The Schedule is completely up to you, as the user. However, I would recommend you just keep it at their automatic settings for this one. The same goes for the step after this one, Filters. Just leave it the way it already is.timeshift4
  4. And now you are ready to begin! Simply click Create and let it do the rest for you.timeshift5And that’s it! You’re done! Now you have an entire snapshot of your Operating System to fall back on if something goes wrong with it in the future. So if anything does go wrong, you can just use Timeshift to recover your entire system as it was before you made the fatal mistake. Enjoy! (And I hope you never need it).

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