Video Chatting and Communication

Video Chatting

Want to video chat with your friends and family? Then look no farther! Linux has you covered.



I bet you didn’t expect to see this one on here! Even though it’s a Microsoft product, it is still available for Linux! It’s features are very similar to the Skype you are used to and familiar with, so there should be no new surprises. If you are unfamiliar with Skype, just click here for some information about it. Sadly, it is no longer available to install on Linux. There is an easy work around however. All you need is Chrome (or Chromium) installed. If you do, then simply go here and once the page loads, click the three dots (otherwise known as the menu), More Tools and then Add To Desktop…

chromium skype

After that, just check the option to Open As Window and then Add Appskype2Once done, Skype should be available to you as a normal application, although with a few less features.

Google Hangouts

google hangouts

Google Hangouts is a Google’s version of Skype. However, Unlike Skype, it is web based. This means that it does not require you to download anything, but to only open up either Google Chrome, Opera, or Vivaldi and go to your Apps within the browser. From there, you can launch Google Hangouts.



Whatsapp is now available for Linux! To install it on your computer, simply follow the instructions on the download page. If these instructions are a little difficult to follow, then there is another available option. All you need to do is head to the Chrome Web Store and install their Whatsapp app. After that, you will be good to go!




Tox is a free, encrypted messaging platform which centers around security. It will never collect any information about you or anyone else who uses it. If you are worried about your privacy, then this is the program for you.



Discord is an alternative to Skype for Linux. It is highly customizable and is completely free! Since Discord is still young, only being a little over two years old, it does not have video chatting integrated with it yet like Skype does. However, for messaging friends and family, it is perfect! There’s even a web version available!


For Those Who Just Want To Video Chat With Their Friends:


For Those Who Want To Video Chat With Their Friends Without Using Microsoft:

Google Hangouts

For Those Who Want To Video Chat With Their Friends Using Their Usual Mobile App:


For Those Who Just Want To Message Their Friends, While Keeping Their Privacy Intact:


For Those Who Want To Message With Their Friends With A Skype-Like Interface And Plenty Of Customizability:



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