The browsers that are available for Windows are basically available for Linux also. However, a list of applications for Linux would not be complete without a browser. Thus, to add completion to that list, here we go!

Chromium Based Browsers


google chrome2

Google Chrome is, well, you probably already know what it is. If you don’t, then all I can say is that you probably don’t know how you got to this website or why you are here. Anyways, Chrome is a very helpful web browser for Linux. It brings the Chrome Web Store with it and the ability to install some Android apps in Linux. Due to this, it is a very important feature of the Linux ecosystem.



Chromium is basically an open source version of Chrome. While only available for Linux, it is a replacement for Chrome without the Google tracking and services. However, it does not come with a few proprietary codecs. This means that come videos may not play, such as Amazon Video. Other than those differences, it is an exact replica  of Google Chrome.



Opera is a fast browser that has many unique, built in features. By clicking on Menu for instance, you can enable Opera Turbo, a setting which essentially makes your connection to websites as quick as possible. It also comes with a built in ad-blocker, which not only blocks the ads perfectly, but also moves the content of the pages you visit to make it appear as if there never were any ads there! For example, if I were to use Ghostery to block ads in Chrome, it would leave blank boxes on the side of the webpage where ads used to be. However, when using Opera’s built in ad-blocker, those blank boxes are gone and the correct content is just moved into that vacant space for you. In addition, Opera also features a built in battery saver that lets you surf the web longer and a free VPN service all ready to go. Lastly, it also has access to extensions on the Chrome Web Store through the use of an available addon.



Vivaldi is literally a limitless browser for anyone. Probably the only limitless browser in fact. While Opera has everything set up for you right away, Vivaldi lets you set it up just the way you like, just for you. Thus, no two people using Vivaldi will have browsers that look identical. With Vivaldi, nearly everything can be customized to your liking. In addition, it has support for the Chrome Web Store in all of it’s glory! However, Vivaldi is not known for being the fastest browser out there. In order to speed it up to the likes of Opera, (which is possibly the fastest browser out there once Opera Turbo is enabled) just take a look at this  website. If you follow their simple instructions, then Vivaldi will be exponentially faster.

Firefox Based Browsers



Tor is the browser for you if you want the utmost privacy online. While slow, it provides you with unmatched privacy as you browse the web. In addition, it looks and acts just like Firefox! So in addition to being safe and secure, you also have a stable browser!


Firefox is another browser that you probably already know of. What you may not know however, is that FIrefox is actually 100% opensource and holds to the same ideals that Linux does! In addition, they have recently caught up to the browsing speed users now expect. They have made changes to their browser with the end result being one that makes it just as fast as Chrome!


For Those That Want To Stick To Chrome:


For Those That Want An Opensource Version Of Chrome:


For Those That Want A Browser With Everything Already Set Up:


For Those That Want To Customize Their Experience (Power Users)


For Those That Want As Much Privacy As Possible:


For Those That Want An Opensource Browser That Values Linux:




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