Distros That Look Like Windows

Want to try Linux but looking for something familiar? If you are a Windows user who fits this description, then this article is just for you!



Zorin OS is a distro that targets new users. It aims to be as simple as possible for any user, but especially those coming from Windows. It comes with great software pre-installed, but not too much to become overly bloated. It features the Gnome Software Center, which has many similarities to Apple’s Appstore. Thus, any software you need is only a click away, and new software can be easily discovered just by opening up the Software Center. The home page includes a featured app every day, allowing you to discover new  programs easily.

In addition, it has an amazing app to change the look and feel of your desktop. With just one click, you can choose to make it look like your Windows machine, a Mac (although this option still looks Windows-esque) or the default Gnome setup.

Lastly, it comes in several useful flavors, or variations, to choose from. You can pick Zorin OS core, which is free and comes with everything you will need, Zorin OS Ultimate, which comes with additional pre-installed content and professional support (although there is a catch – this option costs €19), and Zorin OS Lite, which is custom built for older computers that cannot handle Windows or Macs anymore.

Chalet OS


Chalet OS is a distro that targets new users used to Windows 7. It has a usual Windows 7 menu and taskbar in order to help their users feel right at home instantly. In addition, if their users feel lost, Chalet OS is right there to help. It features a built in program called Start Point. Start Point is one gigantic help center for those hew to Linux. it offers descriptions of useful programs to install, how to move around your system, change settings, and much more. As for installing programs, it comes with the same exact software center that Zorin OS does! Quantities of available software will be available to you no matter which one you choose.

In addition, just like Zorin OS, Chalet OS offers an app to change the look and feel of your desktop, called Style Changer. This will allow you to easily change your Themes, and thus your desktop’s appearance overall. You can choose to make Chalet OS look a bit more like Windows 10 all while keeping everything the same, or you can make it look more like Windows XP. It’s all up to you!



Q4OS is a distro that targets new users used to Windows XP.  It offers a familiar look and feel for those used to Windows XP and makes sure your computer stays up to date. This distro also offers the same software center that both Zorin OS and Chalet OS do, so no unique surprises should await you there. By using this OS, you can rest easy knowing that your computer will not lose support or get out of date.


Windows Look Alike For Those Who Prefer Windows 10:

Zorin OS

Windows Look Alike For Those Who Prefer Windows 7:

Chalet OS

Windows Look Alike For Those Who Prefer Windows XP:



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